Tuesday, 24 May 2016

5 Fun Facts About The Great Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano Fun Facts 

1. Rocky Marciano insisted on getting paid in cash. Marciano felt as if Lawyers & Accountants were out to get him. He was probably 50 years ahead of his time on that. 

2. Marciano was heavily into weight training before his boxing career. 

3. Marciano felt that being Heavyweight champion of the world meant he represented boxing. For this reason Marciano ensured his flawed character traits weren’t shown to the media and he put across an awesome image at every moment. 

4. Marciano didn’t drink or smoke. 

5. Marciano respected authority and he was a family man and an important icon for Italian Americans. Marciano spoke Italian to his parents, who couldn’t communicate in English.

Would A Loss to GGG Have Hurt Canelo’s Reputation?

Millions of boxing fans around the world have been outraged by Canelo Alvarez for vacating his WBC Middleweight title instead of facing GGG. In our opinion (both pundits representing Boxing Kingdom) agree that this decision is the wrong one and it's a total miscalculation.

Key Points.

Canelo became a bigger star after he was comprehensively beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. His next bout against Angulo did very well in PPV sales.

Mexican’s have a proud boxing legacy and a reputation for being warriors. Canelo’s fan base around the world would have supported him, even if he was stopped rather early (unlikely). His fan base wouldn’t have been effected much at all, as long as he showed heart and returned punches while hurt. Canelo would have gone out on his shield if he was on the verge of getting stopped and his fans would have respected that more.

Conculsion: The fact that Canelo has lost before to Floyd Mayweather Jr is important. Canelo didn’t require tune up bouts on regular HBO to re-build image. After his sole defeat Canelo went straight back to fighting on PPV.

The question remains. Will Canelo fans stay loyal now? We highly doubt that.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

The Ali Act – Total Reform Still Needed

Imagine getting told what your promoter makes just before the weigh in! 

Listening to the recent episode of ‘From Brooklyn to The World’ was once again entertaining and insightful. Malignaggi & Peter Cards gave expert insider boxing knowledge on why the Ali Act still let’s fighters down. 

Here are some things you probably don’t know:

The Ali Act was introduced to essentially protect fighters. However huge flaws remain. 

Malignaggi outlined a major problem for fighters. It’s when promoters for fighters sign agreements for co-promotions. What happens is this! A promoter may lease his fighters services out for a bout to another promoter. E.G Promoter A allows his fighter to take part in a bout on another promoters card. Promoter A is given a package and a portion of that is then passed onto the fighter. The fighter’s purse is known from the beginning. However fighters aren’t usually told how much the package is that their promoter is receiving from another promoter, until it’s to late, usually before the weigh in. 

So to make this clearer. Promoters often don't reveal how much the total package is that they have generated, until 24 or 48 hours before the bout. At that stage it's impossible for a fighter to withdraw from a bout. If a fighter withdraws from a bout at that stage they can become legally liable for losses in revenue. The fighter has also signed an agreement before this. So a promoter could have received $1M and paid a fighter a career high purse of $250 000. The fighter is happy with the purse, so he signs on, but by the time the fighter is told how much the promoter makes, it can often be before the weigh in. As long as it's before the bout, 1 day or 30 days, it's the same, it's legal. 

Then if a fighter withdraws at that advanced stage, it’s impossible. The damages they have to pay. The loss of fans. Etc etc. 

Essentially the Ali Act is great in theory. But reform is needed as Malignaggi has stated, as many professional fighters are told about their promoters package only 1 or 2 days before the bout, after having signed contracts.

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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Parker Outlasts Takam in a War & Sets Himself Up Financially With An AJ Title Shot

Joseph Parker vs Takam Fight Video Review 

First let me start by saying Parker vs Takam was an absolute war. It was fun to watch. Both fighters were tired throughout. Both continued to trade heavy shots and both showed enormous courage fighting to the final bell. In the end, the more polished and accurate combinations of Parker, led the New Zealander to a life changing victory. Parker is now mandatory challenger to Anthony Joshua. That bout will be ordered for purse bid by the beginning of November provided AJ defeats Breazeale, which he is widely expected to do. The bout will also mark a multi million NZ$ pay day for Parker, providing enough money to set himself up for life.

So what happened? Was Parker Impressive?

Parker was impressive in spots. But he also showed serious weaknesses in other spots.

Parker showed fantatic combination punching. It’s awesome to watch 5 & 10 punch combinations from a Heavyweight.

Parker has blazing handspeed and good power.

Parker showed serious limits and weaknesses in defence. He was tagged clean in nearly every round. The only thing keeping him up was his chin, which proved durable. Parker’s legs wobbled in round 7 (from memory), but he recovered quickly after.

Takam came into the bout in great condition and fought well. From the 4th round onwards he enforced a veteran trick. Try let the youngster punch himself out & Takam wouldn’t do much for the first 2 minutes of each round, changing it up with a hectic final minute of each round characterized by relentless combinations and pressure.

Parker was the rightful winner. Takam showed why he is under rated. Takam's only clear loss was a stoppage loss to Povetkin. Takam had Povetkin hurt several times throughout their bout.

Overall I give Parker’s performance a 7 out of 10. He won’t fight again until the AJ shot. He’s not going to risk a multi million dollar pay day with tune up bouts. But Parker is what he is. He’s a ridiculously fast Heavyweight with good punching power, combined with serious flaws in defence. He’s going to be very dangerous for AJ in the first 4 rounds. I favor AJ to win by KO in the mid rounds, but Joseph Parker is a serious threat. And a Parker early win wouldn’t shock me one bit.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Canelo Alvarez vs GGG Negotiations & News

Canelo Vacates the WBC Middleweight Title. GGG Is Now The Champion

In a shocking sequence of events Canelo has vacated his WBC Middleweight title, which has led to GGG being instantly promoted to SUPER WBC Middleweight Champion. 

Key Points:

Canelo & his team claimed that the WBC timeframe to negotiate the fight was the key reason for vacating the belt.

Vacating the WBC title due to the timeframes given for negotiations to reach an agreement doesn’t make much sense. It’s highly likely the WBC would have provided an extension, had this been requested from both sides.

By going to a purse bid which the WBC would have enforced, the split would have been 70-30 in favor of Canelo. Canelo’s team could have been aiming for a higher split of the purse, given how large his PPV’s & gates have been, which easily beat GGG’s. 

There is a slim chance this fight can still get made, however it’s a lot less likely since Canelo doesn’t have his WBC belt anymore. If it is purely based on economics then the reasons for Canelo dropping the belt can be justified a little. However if negotiations were to continue it would be GGG who is now in a stronger position, holding 3 full MW belts, with Canelo being only the challenger (with a huge name).

Unfortunately it just seems as though this fight won’t get made. Both our pundits and everyone feels let down, but this is boxing. The big winner out of these events is BJ Saunders. Team GGG have stated that they want all 4 belts before moving up a division. Saunders knows this and he can negotiate his way into a HUGE pay day.

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